Oct 22, 2010

today's glass

alright - it's a new day and I get to work in the shop again today. The question is, what should I make first (earrings, pendant, ornament, jar or pipe) if anyone has a preference please let me know.

I will post pics later of what I made.

Here are some other shots from yesterday's session in the shop.

a jar of frit (crushed glass) - really don't breathe it !!

Oct 21, 2010

on a break from making glass ornaments

Just taking a quick break from the shop.

Today has been ornament day so far (twisty stuff) I will put up pics later. Hopefully I can find some inspiration before I get off break ... I really want to make something different today.
ordered from Artistry in Glass (ontario based supplier):

clear simax rod 9mm (case)
blue moon small frit by Northstar glass
piercing tweezers

the shipping cost from Ontario to BC is actually more than the cost of the goods. Shipping in Canada is crazy expensive!!

However - I should get everything in a few days which is awesome since I am almost out of solid glass. I use the 9mm as pontils (pronounced punty) when working hollow or as stock glass for smaller solid pieces.

Oct 20, 2010

rest of pics from shop time

picasa had scheduled maintenance or something .. rest of pics are up now .. check it out:

The jar is fumed with .999 silver ... that means that it changes color like a "color changing pipe" ... This christmas I am offering silver fumed jars filled with black wax (and a wick) as color changing glass candles.

When you're done you can rinse the jar out with hot soapy water and it's good as new (can be used as a shot glass or whatever). It takes a 1 inch cork.

Lampworked glass earrings .... I don't make earrings that often but this year I am committed to having a wide selection of glass earrings for Christmas. Now I just need to get more time in the shop. I think these are a good start though.

All earring hardware is surgical steel.

today in the shop ... pendants, earrings and ornaments

I meant to make several fumed glass jars BUT I was having all kinds of thick and thin problems with the hollow stuff ... so I took a break.

I made a decent jar but wasn't feeling it so I started on pendants and earrings .. check it out.

well .. these are all mixed up and I only managed to get 5 images uploaded before picasa stopped working ... 

Oct 16, 2010

tree - good or bad ?!

2 new listings today:

hhhmmm is this tree background helping or hurting my cause ??

 photographing glass is crazy hard

Oct 15, 2010

ads ... I just noticed them

I just turned off adBlock plus to see if any ads appeared on my blog ... and did you know ... ads DO appear on my blog.

I never really thought about it since I almost never see ads anymore. I have adblock plus and noscript running and they simply block everything. It's great :)

I don't know how I feel about this and I have an extremely wide range of emotions from which to choose.

more about this later

omigod ... wrk wrk wrk wrk

alright it's done ... I had the showcase, adwords, listings and blah blah blah PLUS I made some stuff in the shop too (not the greatest though).

final numbers

$26 ($15 adwords + $7 showcase + $4 listing fees )   Not too bad really.

It would have been nice to make a sale today...

fresh from the shop

I like it ... it's super dark and photographs horribly ... but in person it's a stunner ...

Oct 14, 2010

new pendants listed before midnight

I started using the tree next to our back deck as a model ... I like it ...

shop pics

sure ... it's a bit ghetto looking ... but I built it to be fireproof NOT pretty !!

pics - fresh from the kiln

these pendants are literally just out of the kiln. I took these pictures less than 60 seconds after unloading the kiln.

These are my picks for the day ...

work work work

more listings to go up today ... have to get ready for big sales promo day tomorrow

just listed - mushroom or jellyfish pendant

is it a mushroom or a jellyfish ??

it's the wrong time of day to be writing sales copy. I will try to remember to rewrite my etsy listing in the morning. I think I wrote some rambling mess and then hit finish.

ggrr.... feed from store to blog NOT reacting very quickly.

new listing

Oct 7, 2010

thanksgiving market THIS saturday

damn ... I need to make inventory for this Saturday. I have a few hours today and tomorrow and that's it.  I am completely out of earrings and only have four jars made.

must work work work work work work work

photographing glass is hard

new pics taken for etsy - hopefully I can get in the shop today and make some jars.

check out the slide show

Oct 6, 2010

first post

It has begun - I set up a store on Etsy, started working on a gallery website, and now here's the blog.

Hopefully I will have everything finished by Sunday, Oct 10 also known as  10-10-10.