Oct 21, 2010

on a break from making glass ornaments

Just taking a quick break from the shop.

Today has been ornament day so far (twisty stuff) I will put up pics later. Hopefully I can find some inspiration before I get off break ... I really want to make something different today.
ordered from Artistry in Glass (ontario based supplier):

clear simax rod 9mm (case)
blue moon small frit by Northstar glass
piercing tweezers

the shipping cost from Ontario to BC is actually more than the cost of the goods. Shipping in Canada is crazy expensive!!

However - I should get everything in a few days which is awesome since I am almost out of solid glass. I use the 9mm as pontils (pronounced punty) when working hollow or as stock glass for smaller solid pieces.


  1. looks really impressive!

  2. Oh wow, I've never actually seen the inner workings of making glass anything before. Following this blog, I'm curious.

  3. wow very cool! more pics man :)

  4. Looks great! I know what you mean about the shipping costs though!

  5. where is this shop located? id like to get stuff from you

  6. shipping prices are ridiculous everywhere, sadly :\

  7. Great looking stuff you got here. What shipping service are you using? That's how most bulky raw materials are.

  8. I've done twisty glass stuff before, it was cool.