Oct 20, 2010

rest of pics from shop time

picasa had scheduled maintenance or something .. rest of pics are up now .. check it out:

The jar is fumed with .999 silver ... that means that it changes color like a "color changing pipe" ... This christmas I am offering silver fumed jars filled with black wax (and a wick) as color changing glass candles.

When you're done you can rinse the jar out with hot soapy water and it's good as new (can be used as a shot glass or whatever). It takes a 1 inch cork.

Lampworked glass earrings .... I don't make earrings that often but this year I am committed to having a wide selection of glass earrings for Christmas. Now I just need to get more time in the shop. I think these are a good start though.

All earring hardware is surgical steel.


  1. hey those earrings are really cool!

  2. wow you made these yourself? my mom does molten glass and cabacules (sp?) as well!

  3. Looks real cool man :), I'm going to venice next week. At Murano (one of the islands) they hand make glass there too, they make some really pretty stuff :)

  4. These are awesome. I think I might get some for my gf for Christmas.

  5. Those are pretty tight looking =D