Nov 17, 2010

a few more pendants from yesterday

I'm pretty happy with this one. I'm using the same jade encased in yellow that I show in the previous post but with a more interesting color combination and more complex technique.

This is the first hoop made with my new "Peter's tweezers". Normally I leave a piece of glass sticking off the pendant and form that into a hoop with a seamless weld. This time I made a wedge shape of glass and bored a hole through it with aligned steel pokes set on tweezers.The trade off is more stress in the glass from the poking VS time saved from making perfect seamless welds.

It turns out that, as with all short cuts, it doesn't save me any time at all. I completed stressed out the glass with those tweezers and it took as much time dealing with that as it does to make the bail normally.

Further experimentation is called for.

Bail made normally ... the photograph is a little misleading. There is clearly a seam of color where the clear hoop meets the turbo cobalt background. However there is no physical seam in the glass.

simple rod implosion - snow white encased in alaskan thunder with ruby k background. This is the pendant with the pierced hoop.

rod implosion - 3 stages - silver fuming with snow white encased in alaskan thunder implosion, silver unobtanium frit with silver fuming back and turbo cobalt background. This is the pendant with the normally maid bail shown above.


  1. chris your handmade glass is great. the colors are mesmerizing trapped in the glass. creative post.

  2. The second one is my favorite by far! Looks like there is some light inside the pendant!

  3. do you ever get burned?

  4. I wish I was in your area so I could watch you make these. They are all mind blowing to say the least!