Nov 12, 2010

yesterday in glass shop ...

A few favorites from my last session in the glass shop.

 Lampworked borosilicate teardrop "stick and spin" pendant.

white sands encased in light ruby used for "stick and spin" 
blue moon frit - turbo cobalt fine frit
obtanium background
low profile (no lens)

Abstract latticino "nauty roll" pendant

Nautilus shell roll with more expressionist shape and color selection

latticino colors:
twilight, turbo cobalt, blue moon encased in clear, blue exotic encased in light yellow, aqua azul encased in clear pin

blue moon fine frit on outside
clear magnifiers (off 3mm rod)

Cobalt and cyan with triple twist

name speaks for itself - technique discussed in another post :)


  1. Oh woww, good job as usual! The third one with the twist is def my favorite so far. Keep up the good work

  2. triple twist is my favorite as well

  3. woow! they look nice, maybe a good idea for a christmas present. thx

  4. this looks so awesome! wow! great present for xmas