Nov 11, 2010

making glass VS selling glass online

If you take the time spent making this pendant and compare it to the time spent taking the pictures (sizing, white balancing etc), and writing the listing - you realize that it's about 1:4  making/listing. The sheer volume of time spent on translating one small piece of glass jewelry into a commodity that can be sold via  the internet is a lot more than I had anticipated.

Not to mention that in the summer this pendant will sell (very quickly) for $50  while on etsy it's listed for $25 with free shipping AND will cost me a few dollars in relisting fees plus if/when it sells paypal and etsy will both get a percentage.

Writing this post has made me realize that perhaps trying to sell online isn't the right choice for me.


  1. ebay is a blatant ripoff, find another avenue to sell

  2. Yes, it will sell for less, and bring in more money, but would you make as much in the long run without online sales?

  3. agree, selling online is hard