Nov 9, 2010

too cold to run the glass shop

instead I'm making candles...

I am making two types of glass container candles: fumed pyrex jars and glass jars of various soda lime types i.e. mason jars, baby food jars etc.

I dye the wax black when filling the pyrex jars since silver fuming offers a yellow transmitted color (nice) and a swirling cyan, cobalt, silver and purple reflected color. The darker the wax the more of the reflected color that you get.

For all other glass candles I use whatever color is in the pot already or if it's empty I default to pale blue as it seems to be the most marketable color.

Regarding scent - i have mixed organic vanilla and natural rose scents together at a ratio of approx 7:2. This mix then gets added to the wax - I aim for a load of 8% by volume which gives a noticeable but not overpowering scent throw for this scent mixture.

I don't sell candles on my Etsy store since shipping them is far too expensive compared to the price of the candle itself. However if you see me at a craft fair the hand blown candles are $20 a piece and the other jars range from $5 to $14 depending on size.


  1. That is a pretty shade of blue.
    If I was in your area I'd definitely buy a couple.

  2. you should try selling bulk on etsy. im sure you'd get some good profit. love etsy