Nov 25, 2010

A good sign I hope.

Hopefully a sign of things to come ... today I sold two pendant necklaces on Etsy.

The Christmas Fair on Hornby Island is Saturday and I hope that the roads stay drivable. Specifically Denman Island's roads. Denman has some pretty steep spots that get crazy in the snow and ice.

To get to Hornby from the mainland (Vancouver, Seattle etc) you must take a ferry to Vancouver Island, drive to Buckley Bay, take a ferry to Denman Island, drive across Denman and finally take a ferry to Hornby.

My oldest boy plans to share a table in the gym with another kid and sell pictures that he's drawn. A bunch of kids plan to have tables this year - I can only imagine the mayhem in there. Fortunately I'll be in the Hall with the adults, good music and even better food.

The most important thing: remember to bring LOTS of lighting with a power strip.

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  1. Hope you sell lots of pendants and necklaces this year! Sounds like you have lots of fun making these, as well as selling them to other people for them to enjoy. Great post, and Happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it). Have a good night as well.