Nov 12, 2010

twisted glass bead pendant - a look inside the technique

alright twisted glass beads - let's take a look.

it's all in the groove

Important: the grooves of the twist must be smooth vitrified glass NOT the devitrified ugliness that occurs as soon as you actually twist the glass. Constant attention and a pinpoint flame will help.

First: apply whatever colors you are using and make your design - latticino and it's variations are what I usually do, encased in clear or not it's your choice (encased is easier to keep smooth but is more work).

Next: Flame strike any colors that need it, heat evenly and gently smash kinda flat, melt a bit more and fire polish as if you are done with it. Then heat up until quite hot (pale pink) and twist.  Now you need a needle point flame to heat the grooves until it's perfectly smooth again.

Tip: For the grooves I only heat one side the groove (from top to bottom) at a time and let cool before doing the opposite side. Apply hard, steady breath to the cool side while letting the hot side cool down then reverse.

This is a super easy, basic technique that's just a bit finicky. The twisty pendants seem to be very popular during the holiday season.

My christmas tree is covered in scrap glass twists that the kids love.

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