Nov 20, 2010

too cold to run equipment

According to the manufacturers specifications - the M15 oxygen concentrator should not be operated in temperatures below 50F and mpt stored in temps below 30F. This means that I am done making glass until it warms up again - which could very well be April or May. What a bummer...

Hopefully I will sell enough glass at the Christmas Fair (a week from today) to place a bulk beeswax order. Beeswax is crazy expensive when compared to paraffin but it's a far nicer product. The plan is to make candles all winter until I can start making glass again.

1 comment:

  1. Glad I randomly found my way to your blog. THe glass looks great and I'll be interested to look through all the pieces. Also, you sound resourceful - Just reading your plans for candles gave me plenty of story ideas. Cheers.