Nov 14, 2010

mushroom pendant and earrings - a few pics from yesterday

My struggles with photographing glass jewelry continue.

a simple pair of teardrop glass earrings on stainless surgical steel earwires. The blue green colors seem a bit weird in the pictures (probably due to the flash) but I'm not sure how to fix that without making it worse.

basically teardrops with frit and a twilight background - a very clean look that's my most popular design for earrings.

earrings listing on etsy::

white sands encased in clear with the tip rolled in antique copper frit
silver fuming and frit behind
turbo cobalt background

This is my outerspace mushroom pendant. My seven year old and I were looking at pictures from the hubble space telescope and I got inspired.


  1. I would buy these for someone special

  2. wow these are amazing! The mushroom in the glass is crazy!

  3. Oh my gosh, the closeup of the mushroom pendant is just incredible.

  4. The mushroom ones are very creative and good looking!

  5. Those things are snazzy looking. : )
    I'll have to show my gf these.